Mikal PradiaStarting fresh is a reoccurring theme in all of our lives, especially for those with entrepreneurship in their blood. With one failed venture after the other, the option of giving up and settling into a life of mediocrity rarely becomes an option that the ambitious one truly considers. We always learn from our previous mistakes and strive to turn another million-dollar dream into a million-dollar reality.

Beyond the life of business lies the fresh starts of our personal lives. From ending relationships to starting new friendships, to taking quiet moments of time to rediscover and reintroduce ourselves to ourselves, thus through this process redefining our innermost passions that once drove us wild to burn the midnight oil in pursuit of becoming exceptionally great in all areas of our lives. With a fresh set of lenses, passions that allow us radiate the world around us with new and fresh energy.

But, once lost in the hustle and bustle of simply maintaining our day-to-day responsibilities, a piece of that wild spirit soon runs adrift and is cast to the wind, hoping that through our moments of solitude we ask the right questions, receive the right answers and once again be reignited with a fiery passion that makes our nerves tingle and our mind, body, and spirit burn with the ever-lasting flame of passion.

Live the Dream had become one of those lost passions. Having been an advent learner and enthusiast of the world of personal development and the greats who have come before us, my passion for the subject eventually became lost. Why? Personal experiences of course, and ultimately if we keep it all the way one hundred, negative self-talk.

Over the years, the personal development industry has transformed into a mainstream phenomenon. Cool quotes often times misquoted. Inspirational post delivered by uninspired beings. “Truth tellers” misleading their followers to only make a quick buck all the while their online authenticity runs perpendicular to their offline persona. Ghost written books by trending Amazon & “New York Times Bestselling” authors who are hot today and forgotten tomorrow because they carelessly recycle the same regurgitated information you can find in any Inc. Magazine “10 Ways to (insert what you’re lacking here)” article, and in turn use it as a marketing tool to secure paid speaking engagements and sell more merchandise.

The achilles heal of it all are the gurus, the experts, and overnight life coaches who arose from the 2008 economic sh*t storm and chose to capitalize on their “expert” advice by delivering lackluster seminars and sell bullsh*t products and services that unfortunately left buyers with more questions than answers. As the seminar space has evolved and passionate people who wish to speak solely on fundamental subjects such as the Law of Attraction, How to Live a Life of Passion, and How to Overcome Our Innermost Fears with cliché motivational quotes that run parallel to “Just Do It!” seem to have positioned the world of personal development into a pigeon hole filled with a bunch fortune tellers armed with a camera and a mouthpiece, only to share little to no substantive and actionable information, thus leaving us presently inspired and truthfully bewildered about ourselves.

Jaded a little? Maybe just a little bit. But in retrospect, my perspective today comes from the awareness of how far I’ve come along my own personal journey over. How I was once that novice apprentice seeking answers as to why I was different than a majority of my peers. Why I didn’t choose to follow the path of least resistance. Why I had this innate ability to turn my creative passions into ambitious pursuits. Why I always sought to rally the blind troops with the intention of helping them see a brighter vision and future for themselves. Yet, many would turn a blind eye to the possibility of possibilities. Why no matter what I went through I still continued to pray, meditate, believe, have faith, pull myself up by my bootstraps and persevere through the lessons gained from past failures and great successes as each experience played a vital role in pulling me through life’s next set of challenges.

Has it been easy? Far from. Nevertheless, through the deep-rooted knowledge, wisdom, and experiences sowed deep into my subconscious belief system – like many who continue to self-educate their way through life – my wealth of knowledge grew from a novice state of existence into an ever-growing, never settling state of being no matter how disconnected I may have felt from my daily listening, reading, and writing and eagerness to learn not only from the greats who have come before us but also from those who have organically become modern day real deal truth-sayers.

Originally, Live the Dream was created to be a place for people to dive into a wide range of positive news topics and receive their daily dose of inspiration, empowerment, and motivation. Unfortunately, by stretching my self too thin while managing my day-to-day responsibilities for my primary business the site became a passion project that was left on the back burner for far too long. Yet with a yearning voice whispering sweet little reminders to share with the world the sights, sounds, and blurbs that drive me on the day-to-day, here we are with a fresh new start with no vision and no expectations; just my newfound love for personal development, music, creative design and whatever else I find insightful, dope, and beneficial to the betterment of our lives and the journey ahead.


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